Side Sleeping Pillow – What A Side Sleeper Needs To Look For In Their Pillows

When you are a side sleeper, you are going to need a pillow that gives you a lot more height in the head and neck areas of the body while you sleep. If you don’t get this, you are going to experience a lot of headaches and neck pain. When choosing a side sleeping pillow you need to look for one that gives support through firmness while still being soft and fluffy enough to let your head sink in and maintain the natural curve of your spine.

Thickness, Softness And Support Quality

In addition to being thick enough (or lofty enough, in pillow-speak), you need to ensure that the pillow is filled with a material that provides you with softness as well as firm, good support. If it is too soft, it is going to accommodate to the motion of your head far too well, and will result in a bad night’s sleep. If it is too hard, you head and neck are going to feel very uncomfortable, mainly because of the lumps.

Adjustable Pillows Are Worth The Money

A good perk to look for when you are looking through the different side sleeping pillow options is one that has adjustable filling. This means that there is typically a zipper on the side that allows you to control just how much filling you have in it. This allows you to change the height and the firmness as you see fit, meaning that you can fill it according to the height of your head and shoulder.

Your pillow also has to be stable enough to keep you comfortable, without forcing you to move from side to side in the night. Pick one in which the filling isn’t loose enough to promote this movement. The ideal pillow would be the right height, the right firmness, and would be able to fill the space between your head and your shoulder. It would also give enough support to your head and neck to avoid spinal problems, keeping your head, neck and spine in a straight line.

The Features You Need To Focus On

Look for these features and criteria when choosing your very own best pillows for side sleepers:

  • Type Of Pillow: There are many different types of pillow. Pick one that you feel you will be comfortable with. This depends on where you want to use it as well.
  • Filler: Think about the material used to fill the pillow. Some people are allergic to natural down, meaning that you will need the synthetic variety. Memory foam is a very good choice, as is latex, although latex is still on the expensive side of things.
  • Height: Think about the height or the loft of the pillow you are getting. This is crucial to having a comfortable sleep. The right height will ensure that your head and neck are in line with your spine, and that there is no awkward upward or downward curve of the neck.

There are many other things that you need to think about when you are looking for the perfect pillow for your side sleeping habit. These are the most important. Make sure you check on the height, as it is very important indeed. Good luck, and sleep tight!

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