What Are The Best Probiotics For Acne in 2019

Best Probiotics For AcneProbiotics are often referred to as good bacteria, which are required for a healthy digestive system. Due to their relative important relationship with the digestive system, probiotics can influence acne.

Since each bodily function is interrelated, it’s important that your body is stacked up on essential probiotics to help deal with your acne.

Since they aren’t as easily available in food, you’ll need to buy the best probiotics for acne.

Side note: in case you don’t want to read the full article, just know that my favorite by far is Hyperbiotics PRO-15, which you can find here on Amazon.

How To Choose Probiotics for Acne

The Colony Forming Units or CFU

When it comes to choosing probiotics for your acne problem, it’s important to do so in accordance with the number of bacteria you get per serving.

This figure is indicated on the label of a product using the term “Colony Forming Units” or CFU for short. If the CFU count is higher, it means that the specific probiotics are more effective.

Acid-Resistant Quality

It’s crucial that you decide upon buying probiotics that are acid-resistant.

Since probiotics are essentially needed in the digestive system, it’s important that they actually reach the gut without getting destroyed by the acids in your stomach.

Advantages of Probiotics For Acne

Protects the Body against Inflammation

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the relationship between probiotics and acne isn’t direct, but rather through the digestive system, which is influenced by the presence or absence of probiotics.

They have an effect on skin conditions because of having an impact on what is called the “gut-brain-skin axis”.

One of the causes of acne can be defined as being a deficiency of probiotics in the body.

Eating unhealthy food due to stress negatively impacts the healthy bacteria that are present in the digestive tract by turning them into unhealthy strains. These are the cause of the gut lining becoming leaky and allowing undigested food particles to pass through.

Your body reacts to those particles as it does with any other foreign substance; it attacks it with full force using the immune system.This inflammation is what causes acne while the reasoning should be enough to highlight the importance of taking probiotics to cure your acne.

Probiotics help in lining the digestive tracts properly to prevent any undigested particles from escaping and causing inflammation, which leads to acne.

Act as a Protective Shield on the Skin

Using probiotics for your skin is beneficial since it acts as a protective shield around the skin cells and prevents them from coming in contact with harmful bacteria and parasites, which may cause acne as an immune system response.

Probiotics have been found to have antimicrobial properties that help them to eliminate harmful bacteria. When used for the skin, they work in a way that’s similar to antibiotics and defeat harmful bacteria that can trigger inflammation and consequently cause acne.

Aside from protecting the skin cells from harmful bacteria, probiotics also have a calming effect on your skin. This prevents your skin from triggering an immune system response every time it senses a threat from bacteria.

Things To Look Out For When Buying Probiotics for Acne

Different Strains of Bacteria

If you’re considering buying probiotics for your acne problem, then it’s important that you check that a certain supplement contains more strains of healthy bacteria.

This is because each strain of healthy bacteria serves an important function in the gut, which ultimately impacts the rest of your body, including your skin. Opting to use a supplement that contains a large number of different strains of bacteria will be beneficial in retaining the healthy balance of gut flora in your digestive tracts which are usually reduced after a course of antibiotics.

Vitamins and Minerals

Although probiotics are the main focus of clearing up your acne, it’s important that the supplement you take also contains other body essentials like vitamins and minerals.

Since probiotics help in protecting the body against inflammation which causes acne, it’s important that you get the necessary nutrients as well.

Vitamin C and E are excellent examples of ingredients that you should be looking for when buying probiotics supplements. Similarly, zinc is an essential mineral that greatly contributes to your skin’s health.

Prerequisites For Using Probiotics For Acne

While there aren’t any conditions that you have to meet before being able to use probiotics, it’s important to know the reason behind your acne problem.

There’s no rocket science behind figuring out your why you have acne because the reasons could usually have to do with hormonal imbalance or inflammation.

Hormonal changes often occur during the age of puberty because androgens cause the skin to produce more oil. Pregnancy also triggers certain hormonal changes that can cause acne breakouts. Acne caused by inflammation or leaky gut syndrome can be cured by taking probiotics. It’s important to consult your doctor before you make a decision to start taking probiotics regularly.

Although the use of probiotics boosts many benefits for your skin, it’s important to know that they aren’t advisable for individuals that suffer from weakened immune systems. In these cases, the use of probiotics is likely to result in an infection, which means more harm than good.

Hence, the only prerequisite of using probiotics for acne is that you should have a strong immune system and should not be taking any drugs or therapy that can weaken the body’s defenses.

Can Probiotics Clear Your Acne Overnight?

Although they are undoubtedly beneficial for reducing acne that is a result of inflammation, probiotics aren’t magic and you can’t expect them to work like they are.

You’ll need to stick to a schedule of taking of probiotic treatments regularly without fail so you can achieve the expected results. Moreover, you will also need to take care of your diet and make sure to eat foods that are healthy because they play a role in keeping your body and skin health as well.

If you follow these steps, you’re sure to make the best out of probiotics treatments for your acne prone skin.

Best Probiotics For Acne

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why you should take probiotics to cure your acne problem, let’s get down to business and look at some of the most reviewed products out there.

Naturentics Flora Pro-Health Daily Probiotic

The first product we’ll be looking at is Flora Pro-Health Daily Probiotic by Naturentics and it claims to restore a healthy balance in the gut and immune system.

They go through a rigorous testing process which involves every batch is tested by an independent laboratory.

What we like
  • Contains 5 different strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus probiotics that are specifically selected
  • Features a 30 Billion Colony Forming Units of living organisms in each serving
  • Refrigeration is not required so you can carry them with you wherever you go
  • Suitable for people that suffer from gluten or lactose intolerance
  • Free from GMOs
  • Not animal sourced, suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Blister packaging protects potency of the live organisms
  • Suitable for people that are allergic to nuts, fish, eggs, soybeans, and wheat
What we don't like
  • A 30 Billion Colony Forming Units is too high of a number and to take two servings would be too much for the body and result in gassiness or bloating.
  • Taking too high of a dose will result in adverse effects that are similar to intolerance.
  • Can’t be used by anyone under the age of 18

Nu-Derm Products Clear-Biotic+

This probiotics supplement boasts acne-eliminating capabilities because the main focus is to tackle skin related issues caused by a digestive imbalance.

The ingredient list features some impressive nutrients such as vitamins C and A that are top ingredients in the skincare department.

That’s a plus because vitamins usually go well when combined with probiotics.

What we like
  • Contains Vitamins A, E, C and B2 to help in eliminating skin problems like acne and inflammation on parts of the skin that are caused by digestive imbalance
  • Features a CFU of 20 Billion
  • Comprises of different strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics such as acidophilus and bulgaricus which keep the digestive tract healthy
  • Supports the immune system to attack harmful bacteria
  • Suitable for people that suffer from gluten sensitivity
  • Free from any artificial colors and preservatives
  • Restores healthy gut flora after round of antibiotics
  • Free from yeast or soy derivatives so it is allergy-friendly
What we don't like
  • You’ll need to take 4 capsules daily to get a proper intake of organisms and that makes this product expensive
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers

Bio Schwartz Advanced Strength Probiotic

This probiotics supplement is by Bio Schwartz so you can have high expectations that the brand will live up to its reputation.

This probiotic supplement has a CFU count of 40 billion per serving and it has a pretty heavy ingredient list, which includes Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.

According to the description, it is helpful in maintaining energy, a healthy immune and digestive system as well.

What we like
  • Made from natural ingredients- GMO-free
  • Free from allergens- Does not contain traces of peanuts, soy or shellfish
  • Free from gluten- suitable for people with gluten intolerance such as celiac disease
  • Substances are tested by a third-party to ensure safety
  • MAKTrek Delivery Protection System helps them pass through stomach acids
  • Higher potency which means they’ll be effective until the expiration date
  • No need to refrigerate them- you can carry it anywhere as long as below 78 degrees
  • Helps with weight loss and increases metabolism
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Clears up acne
What we don't like
  • One capsule isn’t enough for a day- need to take two
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers
  • Have temporarily side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain

Nutrition Essentials Probiotic

This probiotic supplement by Nutrition Essentials has a CFU count of 15 billion per serving.

It contains LactoSpore strains of bacterium such as Bacillus Coagulans.

You’ll find that this supplement claims to maintain a healthy digestive balance, retain beneficial bacteria and improve your immune system.

It holds an impressive ingredient list while being allergy-friendly and catering to the needs of people that suffer from an intolerance of various substances.

What we like
  • Dairy-free: Suitable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance
  • Free from traces of soy, gluten, and gelatin
  • Vegan-friendly: Free from animal products
  • Does not contain preservatives or artificial colors
  • Improves bowel movement
  • Helps with gastrointestinal issues
  • Proven results for reducing teenage, hormonal, cystic and back acne
  • No refrigeration required
  • Helps in Controlling appetite and weight
  • Reduces risks of infections and fatigue
  • It has a money back guarantee if you purchased from verified retailer
  • Easy to swallow
What we don't like
  • You will need to take more than one serving every day
  • Expensive when considered on a per dose basis
  • If you’re new to probiotics then it may cause bloating for the first couple of days

Hyperbiotics PRO-15

This supplement by Hyperbiotics has a CFU count of 5 billion per pearl, which it claims are equal to 75 billion of other patented capsules.

Moreover, it has an impressive ingredient list since it contains a high number of different strains including those of Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Bifidobacterium so it covers a pretty wide range of issues.

What we like
  • Smaller, easy to swallow sized pearl
  • Free from GMOs- all ingredients are naturally derived
  • Gluten-free – suitable for people suffering from celiac disease
  • The manufacturing process, LiveBac allows these probiotics to have a longer shelf life
  • Refrigeration isn’t necessary
  • No need for multiple servings per day- one is enough because of time-release delivery property
  • Treats adult and teenage acne caused by hormonal imbalance
  • Also reduces cystic acne and inflammation which causes it
  • Treats gas, bloating and other problems of the digestive system
  • Allergen-free- this supplement is free from soy, nuts, and shellfish
  • Replenishes your gut flora
  • Suitable for children so it’s one probiotic for the whole family (makes things easier)
What we don't like
  • It may possibly induce side effects like diarrhea or vomiting

Dr. Tobias Deep Immune Probiotics

This supplement has an adequate CFU count of 4.4 billion and contains various strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus bacteria such as lactis, acidophilus and Bacillus Coagulans.

This supplement has a feature of targeted release and it also contains prebiotics, which gives energy to the healthy bacteria. Moreover, it contains four bacteriophages, LH01, LL12, T4D, and LL5.

What we like
  • ‘Deep immune’ property makes it effective despite low CFU
  • No need for refrigeration
  • Shelf stable- use them until the expiration date
  • Strains are resistant to stomach acid so they actually reach your gut
  • Vegetarian certified
  • Free from GMOs
  • Helps with acne caused by leaky gut syndrome and hormonal imbalance
  • Contains spore-forming bacteria, which enhances the performance of healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Maintains a healthy immune system
  • Delay release capsules ensure that maximum number of healthy bacteria reach your gut
What we don't like
  • Not allergen-free- product is manufactured where milk, soy, and other common allergens are processed
  • Not suitable for people with gluten insensitivity or celiac disease
  • Bacteriophages or strain of Bacillus coagulans may cause adverse side effects in some people
  • Not safe for children under 18
  • No satisfaction or money back guarantee for the product


Not sure if you guessed it yet, but the winner here is Hyperbiotics PRO-15 because of the highlights of this product that outweigh the cons.

On Sale
Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics—60 Daily Time Release Pearls— Digestive Supplement Formula—15x More Survivability Than Capsules—Patented Delivery Technology—Easy to Swallow
8,817 Reviews
Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics—60 Daily Time Release Pearls— Digestive Supplement Formula—15x More Survivability Than Capsules—Patented Delivery Technology—Easy to Swallow
  • GET 15 TIMES MORE SURVIVABILITY THAN WITH VEGGIE CAPSULES. With a patented delivery method, the...
  • STAY WELL. 80% of your immune system is in your gut. PRO-15 digestive enzyme supplements help to...
  • SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT EFFORTS. Did you know that scientists can predict body weight more...
  • SUPPORT YOUR MOOD AND ENERGY LEVELS. PRO-15 IBS supplements help to create a microenvironment inside...
  • SENSITIVE STOMACH FRIENDLY. Unlike most flora probiotic, Hyperbiotics PRO-15 includes a patented...

Since the main concern is clearing up acne I’ll confirm that yes, it does do that, but not specifically;

  1. It reduces inflammation, cures leaky guts and balances your hormones and those are pretty much all the prerequisites for acne-free skin.
  2. My second favorite highlight would be that it’s suitable for children and this makes it so much easier (and cheaper) to manage everyone’s health without having to buy separate supplements. Furthermore, this means that younger teenagers who have just experienced the hormonal symptoms of puberty can resolve their acne with these probiotics too.
  3. Next, there’s the serving size which is only one pearl (yes, its round like a pearl) a day and you may think that two capsules a day are manageable but a hectic lifestyle makes that difficult too.

Moreover, it has the most number of beneficial strains of bacteria that are less likely to cause side effects other than the usual ones. These are (actually) acid-resistant, which it proves by holding such a less CFU count.

Comparatively, probiotics are developed with higher CFUs so that some of them actually survive and reach your gut. The smaller size is also appreciated because this makes them easier to swallow, especially for kids.

This probiotics supplement is very impressive. So much, that the only other con I can think of is that their round shape can cause them to roll away if they’re left unattended.

Overall, Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is just what you need to help cure your acne from within and other gastrointestinal issues as well.


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