Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers – Choosing The Best Pillow For Your Tummy Sleeping Habit

There aren’t many people out there who sleep on their stomachs. Well, not many adult people, anyway. A lot of people who are experts in the sleep industry will give you advice about sleeping on your tummy. According to multiple studies and experts, sleeping on your stomach really isn’t the healthy option for anyone. Most pros will tell you to get used to sleeping either on your back or on your side. If you sleep on your stomach and you use a pillow as well, just imagine what position your head is going to be in. It is going to force your spine to curve upwards in a very unnatural way all night long. If you keep your head face down on the pillow, good luck breathing.

It Is An Unnatural And Forced Position

In addition to having to think about the way your spine is curving, there is also the added worry of suffocation if your face is squished against your pillow. This means that you will be twisting your already strained neck to one side or the other to breathe. You’re quite lucky that the human body is able to withstand all of that abuse and still stand up tall. It is very important to get started on choosing the best pillows for stomach sleepers before you start experiencing a whole range of problems in the future.

Remember: when sleeping, it is important that your spine and neck are in neutral positions for the best sleep possible. This means that your neck and back need to be in a straight line. If you sleep on your tummy too often without a custom made pillow, you are going to be putting a whole lot of strain on your tired muscles and even your joints. If you are a stomach sleeper and you wake up in the mornings feeling sore or numb, it is because of this added pressure. For the vainer amongst you, there is also the higher risk of early wrinkling and sagging of your breasts because of them being squashed all night long.

Try Your Hardest To Get A New Position

While choosing the best pillows for stomach sleepers is definitely important, you may want to consider switching over to a more neutral position in bed at night. Getting used to it is hard, but it is very possible indeed. The truth of the matter is that when you pick a certain position to sleep in, you do it because it is incredibly comfortable. If you really want to continue with your stomach sleeping habit, here’s how to avoid the consequences.

There is one tactic that you can try before you go about looking for a better pillow. Try sleeping without a pillow. This can seem silly to you, but it is actually more provident of a neutral position during sleep than a standard pillow is. However, a lot of people will have a problem with sleeping without a pillow. Instead, you can simply choose a better pillow for you. The ideal one has a low height so that it doesn’t force your head up too much.

Height Is Of The Essence

When you are choosing the best pillows for stomach sleepers make sure to look for height. It is your first priority. There are plenty of manufacturers out there who make pillows for people who sleep on their tummies specifically. The biggest feature of most of these is that they are extremely thin compared to standard pillows. Some of them come with unnecessary but welcome features added on.

If by any chance you happen across a thin pillow that allows the addition of material as filler, you have struck gold. Not many pillows are adjustable. If you can find one of these, they will definitely allow you to have a better sleep as an individual with your own needs. Buckwheat is one of the recommended types of filler for a pillow for a stomach sleeper. These pillows are typically adjustable and they offer advanced cooling through natural conduction of body heat through the pillow.

It is always going to be better for you if you can switch up your position when sleeping. This is a fact that you can’t deny. If you are still adamant about sleeping on your stomach, be sure to look for pillows that are thin, adjustable and won’t suffocate you.

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